Board Shorts…


Life Is Best Lived In Board Shorts!

My philosophy of a Life Well Lived.  When you are wearing Board Shorts, chances are good that you are headed to the beach, enjoying the sea air and the salt water, being physically active and not looking at your phone for the latest text message or Twitter mention.  You are living Life.” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Surfing Venice Beach at Sunrise


(Video courtesy of Luke Sandberg and Surreal Surf)


The Philosophy of Tanned Feet

Are your feet a pasty white color or a handsome tanned brown from the sun?  Mine are the latter.  If your feet are tanned, then you are living right, my friend.  You are at the beach.  You are in the water.  You are outdoors.  You are breathing fresh air.  You are getting lots of Vitamin D and sunshine.

Now, if your feet are that pasty white color, well, chances are you are stressed out. You are not getting enough exercise outdoors away from your phone in an environment that promotes well-being.  You are not relaxed.  So, think about it:  When was the last time you greeted the sunrise on the beach or saluted the sunset with friends?  Time to break out those flip flops and get thee to the sea shore.  Time to tan your feet.


Get Out From Behind Your Computer.

Writing is solitary. Living is not. I find in order to write to my best ability, I have to get outside which means getting out from behind my laptop.  When I am in a writing rut, I shut it down and head outdoors: Surf. Bike Ride. Yoga on the beach.  Whatever it takes to restore my creativity.  Recently, I hit a journalistic wall.  I didn’t have any ideas about what to write about next.  I was disinterested in Hollywood, and my posts felt same-old, same-old.  So, I read a newspaper, saw an article (by someone else!) about an event that genuinely interested me, and I went with no intention to write about it. I came away with a head full of ideas and a camera full of photos. The result:  A fun story and new friends:  All because I got out from behind my laptop.


2016:  My Year in Review

I had no idea what a good year 2016 was until I hopped on Movie Maker and created a Short Film about the last 12 months.  I had a terrific year.  I just need to stop a moment, think, and count my blessings for all the friends I made, the time I spent with loved ones, and for my life.