TV Surf Report: Re-Boots & Pre-Sold Titles To Capture Fall & Midseason — Hope Ya Like Old Chestnuts


Santa Monica, CA — Following the successful series re-boots of Hawaii Five-O (CBS), Arrested Development (Netflix), Girl Meets World (ABC/Disney Channel), and The Comeback (HBO), the networks and digital platforms are taking their chances on some familiar and much-loved series and bringing them back to Life (nod to upcoming competing Frankenstein projects on Fox and on ITV)…


  • The Muppets (ABC) Anchoring Tuesday nights, Kermit & Co. get a behind-the-scenes look at their talk show.  Trailer looks fun, contemporary, and smart.
  • Heroes: Reborn (NBC) Series creator Tim Kring resurrects Jack Coleman’s HRG and Masi Oka along with new heroes Zachary Levi and Robby Kay in this 13-episode Thursday night anchor.  Good scheduling, I think.
  • The X-Files (Fox) Midseason.  Premieres January 24th with run of six episodes.  Mulder, Scully, Skinner, and CSM return.  Kudos to Chris Carter and to Fox for turning this re-boot of such an iconic series into an Event.  Hopes are high.  Apparently, Mulder & Scully have a 14-year-son.
  • Uncle Buck (ABC) Midseason.  Most viewers won’t remember the first adaptation of the fondly remembered John Candy film, however, it came and went in the ’90s.  The newest incarnation is skewed African American and looks promising.
  • Twin Peaks (Showtime) Director David Lynch walked when Showtime wouldn’t cough up the cash necessary for Lynch to produce the re-boot, but Showtime caved and the Log Lady is back in business along with Kyle MacLachlan’s Agent Dale Cooper.
  • Coach (NBC) has a 13-episode order reuniting creator Barry Kemp with star Craig T. Nelson.  Midseason.
  • Law & Order (NBC) Mum’s the word thus far, but you can bet Dick Wolf will keep this project alive in time for either midseason or Sweeps 2016.
  • Sigmund & The Sea Monsters (Amazon) Sid & Marty Kroft revive their popular ’70s kids show for a new generation.
  • Fuller House (Netflix) finds original series star Candace Cameron-Bure a divorced mother with friends in San Francisco.  John Stamos and Jeff Franklin produce.  Dave Coulier set to return, as well.
  • The Saint (ITV)  Roger Moore’s stylish spy gets an update in this re-boot from writers Ed Whitmore and Chris Lunt.  Welcome back, Simon Templar.
  • Electra Woman & Dyna Girl (TBD)  This as yet-laid-off Sid & Mary Kroft production stars social media stars Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart in this ’70s series re-boot.
  • Roots (History Channel)  The historic ABC mini-series adaptation of Alex Haley’s novel gets re-made for a new generation.
  • Charmed (CBS)  This script order didn’t make it to pilot this year, but expect a rollover since the network owns the Aaron Spelling library.


Netflix scored with Daredevil which earned its renewal stripes.  Here’s the next batch of series that sell themselves based on their Title(s):


  • The Omen (A+E) was developed at Lifetime but has been handed off to sister network A+E under the new title, Damien.  Ten episodes have been ordered for this prequel directed by Shekhar Kapur and starring Bradley James as an adult Damien Thorn.
  • Super Girl (CBS)  Only CBS’ older-skewing audience will remember the Helen Slater film from what, the ’80s?  Super-producer Greg Berlanti brings back Superman’s cousin in this procedural hybrid that stars Glee’s Melissa Benoist, Laura Bernanti, and Ally McBeal herself, Calista Flockhart,  as newspaperwoman Cat Grant.  Not sure if she’ll fly, but let’s wait and see.
  • Limitless (CBS) Kurtzman & Orci and Bradley Cooper get into TV with a series adaptation of their successful film starring Cooper and Robert De Niro that itself is an adaptation from the Alan Glynn novel about a man with enhanced abilities.
  • Minority Report (Fox)  Steven Spielberg executive produces this update on the Tom Cruise-starrer that picks up 10 years later and finds the Pre-Cogs on the run from Future Crime.  Trailer revealed a bland cast and a tough sell.  The future looks uncertain.
  • X-Men (Fox) Manny Coto  & Evan Katz executive produce this small-screen, lower-budget look at Xavier’s School for the Gifted.  Marvel and Fox haven’t announced their deal yet, but it’s still on the radar.
  • Scream (MTV) Boys and girls-in-jeopardy plus lots of fake blood spells homerun in this adaptation of Wes Craven’s franchise hit films.
  • Galaxy Quest (TBD)  No network has been announced yet, but my money is on CBS since this property is owned by sister company Paramount.  Could be a great companion to Big Bang Theory, no?
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show (Fox) Former network chief Gail Berman and director/choreographer Kenny Ortega produce this 2-hour event for 2016.
  • Grease: Live (Fox) Julianne Hough and Vanessa Hudgins topline this old chestnut, another piece of event programming set for January 2016.
  • Emerald City (NBC) is a re-imagining of The Land of Oz, now with more Game of Thrones-esque political turmoil, intrigue, and Dorothy who may or may not be a Lannister.  David Schulner writes this 10-episode yellow brick risk.


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