Film Surf Report: 2017 Must-See Movies


Santa Monica, CA2017 is shaping up to be a Year of Must See Films. And best of all, these major studio releases are not all super hero movies. (Okay, most are.)

Still basking in the song and dance glow of La La Land (See Trailer here: Dreamers From LaLa Land), my favorite film of this year (sorry Deadpool, you were #2), I gotta say more of Ryan Gosling (the Millennial’s Harrison Ford?) in 2017 is not a bad thing, especially since he’s starring in the long-anticipated sequel to Blade Runner: Blade Runner: 2049

The WB sequel,  which hits theaters in October, asks the all-important existential question:  Replicants? Are they a Benefit or a Hazard? Harrison Ford, Robin Wright and Jared Leto (a worthy successor to Rutger Hauer’s Roy Batty) also star.  Beware the Tyrell Corp.!

Here’s a link to the first preview Trailer:



And, let’s not forget about WONDER WOMAN, the first DC Comics movie that has captured my interest since Christopher Nolan’s Batman: The Dark Knight trilogy.


The Origin Story set during WWI, starring Gal Gadot (the best thing about Batman v Superman), opens June 2nd.

Be careful, Diana.

Patty Jenkins directs.  Robin Wright (having a big 2017), Connie Nielsen and Chris Pine co-star.  Fingers crossed that the film lives up to its fantastic Trailer:

Wonder Woman Trailer: “Be Careful, Diana!”



(Walt Disney Pictures) – March 17th

From the first sounds of the haunting piano chords in the BEAUTY & THE BEAST TRAILER, I was hooked.  I predict audiences, worldwide, will be, too.  Emma Watson portrays a newly feminist Belle with Kevin Kline as her father, and Dan Stevens as The BeastLuke Evans, Ian McKellen and Emma Thompson also star.  Can’t wait!  Also, at 1:30, this trailer is exactly enough info.



(Disney/Marvel Studios) – Nov. 3rd

Is this the year of Thor: Ragnorak?   The first film in this trilogy was terrific. The second film was not as bad as everyone thought.

Chris Hemsworth & Co. (including Tom Hiddleston and Anthony Hopkins) are joined by a terrific cast, including Mark Ruffalo, Jeff Goldblum, Karl Urban, Sam Neill, and Cate Blanchett.  Am expecting some new info on those darned Infinity Stones!  In the comics, Ragnarok is a villainous clone of Thor.

Here’s the very funny Thor Vacation Trailer!



(Disney/Marvel Studios) – May 5th

Kurt Russell joins the cast as Star Lord’s father. Sylvester Stallone has an “important cameo.”  James Gunn directs the sequel which again stars Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, and the voice of Vin Diesel as Baby Groot.  Trailer for GOTG2




(Fox/Marvel Studios) – March 3rd

Mutants. They’re gone now.

The trailer looks great to me:  Old Logan and a possibly dying Professor X on the run.  I could skip past the young girl in need of Wolverine’s protection, though.  Ugh.  Would have greatly preferred they use Rogue instead and further that relationship.  Open mind. Will keep an open mind. Meanwhile, I am completely won over by the use of Johnny Cash’s haunting cover of Nine Inch Nail’s HURT:  Trailer for LOGAN



(Universal Studios) – June 9th

Welcome to a new world of Gods and Monsters.

The new MONSTERS UNIVERSE kicks off with Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe starring in a new incarnation of THE MUMMY.  From the trailer, Sofia Boutella (of Kingsman fame) is the new Mummy, but what is Tom Cruise, an immortal Van Helsing?  We shall see if this film successfully sets up the Universe that also holds Dracula, Frankenstein &  Co.: THE MUMMY trailer



(F0x) – June 17th

Is Colin Firth’s Harry dead or alive?  Inquiring Kingsman fans need to know:

Director Matthew Vaughn knows what he’s doing.  I leave it up to him.  Taron Egerton, Mark Strong, Channing Tatum, Julianne Moore and Halle Berry are featured in the sequel that takes place stateside in the US.



(Warner Bros./DC Comics) – November 17th

My expectations for this film are extremely low as I don’t think the execs and writers at WB and at DC Comics are very good with Story, Villains, or adapting super hero movies.  (Excluding you, Christopher Nolan.)  I am excited to see Aquaman, though.

Trailer for JUSTICE LEAGUE featuring AquaMan


Star Wars, Ep. VIII:  What’s New, Luke? (Working Title)

(Disney/LucasFilm) – Dec. 15th

Okay, I will not be caught up in the hype for Ep. VIII that I was for Ep. VII: The Force Awakens, which I found disappointing in that it was such a complete retread of Ep. IV: A New Hope.  I did dig Daisy Ridley, though.  Am interested to see if Harrison Ford returns for any flashback cameos as Han Solo!



(20th Century Fox) – December 22nd (tent.)

Will audiences clamor for the long-delayed sequel to the most popular/successful film of all time?  I am not so sure.  We shall see, James Cameron.  We shall see!

As for ALIEN: COVENANT, TRAINSPOTTING 2, THE DARK TOWER, KING ARTHUR, PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN 19?, and PITCH PERFECT 3, well let’s just say, I am not that interested enough to post either a pic or a trailer!  How about you?  Which films of 2017 are gonna drive you to the Theater and plop down $15+?

N E X T   U P:

Family Comedies & Dramas In Heavy Development For New TV Season


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