Surf Report: Santa Monica’s Main Street Bids Farewell to Longtime Favorite Peet’s Coffee


Santa Monica, CA — A friend of mine on Twitter recently asked that his followers (including me) to refrain from publishing photos of their Lattes in 2018 saying they all look the same.

He’s got a point, however, not all Lattes are made the same.

For 18+ years, my Lattes have been brewed by Marvin, my local Barista at Peet’s Coffee on Main Street. These not inexpensive but highly addictive coffee drinks have been made with something akin to Love and are well worth photographing/tweeting.

One more Latte for the Road, and then the Party Is Over for Peet’s.

Edgemar Center, the venerable coffee shop’s landlord, has opted to raise the rent after Peet’s long-term lease agreement ended earlier this month. Peet’s Corporate decided to pass and look for new grounds (pun intended).

Last Call is Friday, Dec. 29th.

Ya can’t blame Edgemar for seeking more income, and ya can’t blame a successful franchise like Peet’s for declining to pay more rent after anchoring that center for nearly two decades.

One wonders how much longer other stalwart Edgemar tenants like Brick & Mortar or Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream will survive at Edgemar if a high-volume business like Peet’s can’t afford the skyrocketing rent increase?

Main Street has lost more than a few businesses to this Catch-22: Most notably, the well-established Omelet Parlor, American Apparel, and Areal.

So, what’s a Local to do now that his favorite coffee shop (along with some really great employees) is going away?

Mourn. Say farewell. Learn to brew coffee at home.


Surfers, Teachers, Medical Personnel, Gym-goers, Cyclists…these are the first customers to arrive at Peet’s on a daily basis: The Dawn Patrol.  At 5 AM, this is not the most verbal of crowds who quietly place their order, exchange muted greetings and either settle in or depart for the rest of their day, caffeine in hand.

Make no mistake: Peet’s Coffee has been the Central Hub of a rather eclectic Community, and the coffee shop will be sorely missed.  The coffee is great (strong!), but it’s the people who keep you coming back again and again.

(This Appreciation was written there on a sleepy Wednesday morning.)

For 10+ years, Peet’s Coffee on Main Street sponsored my cycling club, Shifting Gears , who would meet for Tuesday morning easy spins from Main Street through the Marina (and back – 15 miles). After the training ride, the group always enjoyed a cuppa at Peet’s which provided a warm and friendly environment for such gatherings.

On any given day, one can run into their friends, neighbors, tennis partners, yoga instructors, bar tenders, and elected officials while waiting in line at Peet’s. And that’s part of its charm, you never know who you will see!


Peet’s Coffee also has been home to a lot of Writers, Journalists, Bloggers, Painters, Actors, Musicians, Techies, and many other Artists seen deep in conversation whilst enjoying a cup of Dark Roast.

Book recommendations have been exchanged there amongst new friends. Heated political discussions have taken place amongst old friends. Many a rainstorm has been weathered there with new friends.

So what’s next for Peet’s?

Thankfully, the wonderful, kind, and big-hearted employees are all being transferred to other stores around the area (Montana Avenue, The Grove). Peet’s Corporate has been looking for another space on Main Street for quite a while but has not found a suitable new home.

Main Street already houses coffee emporiums Dogtown Coffee, the Urrth Café, Starbucks, Groundworks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and Bulletproof Coffee.  That’s a lot of coffee shops!

The next tenant is rumored to be (what else!) another coffee powerhouse: Blue Bottle Coffee (which started out in Oakland, CA). Nearby Abbot Kinney already hosts a Blue Bottle café, which has many other stores in Los Angeles.

Next Stop: Main Street, Santa Monica.

So Peet’s, this is a Farewell for Now. And, this is an Appreciation for the good vibes, the great coffee, and for the community fostered there.

Peet’s Coffee, this Peetnik will miss you.

Here’s to one last Latte (and yes, I shall tweet a photo!):

CUPPA   Thanks, Marvin, Rich, Adrin, Cynthia, Seb, Jenny & Co.


N E X T   U P:

New Year’s Resolutions! Home-Brewed Coffee …


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Steve La Rue is an internationally recognized leader in Film & Television with 20+ years experience as a Development Executive championing such series as Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The X-Files, The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Battlestar Galactica, and Farscape. He writes, blogs, and consults on All Things Entertainment from his home at the beach in Santa Monica, CA, where he balances his life by surfing every damn day.
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4 Responses to Surf Report: Santa Monica’s Main Street Bids Farewell to Longtime Favorite Peet’s Coffee

  1. Olivia Kelly says:

    Hi Steve, So glad you wrote this post. My husband and I have been going to Peet’s on Main since before we were dating. Our three little kids all literally cut their teeth there. And in relocating house over the years, proximity to Main Street Peet’s was always a weighty factor. When we pulled up at Peet’s this morning to grab a brew on the way to our traditional New Year’s Day hike, we were crushed to see the sign saying, “this location is now closed. we miss you already.”

    Also, our hearts are warmed to see your picture of Marvin in the post. He is the first person we thought of when we learned the news. We’ve known him forever and he has watched our kids grow, and he’s always fun to talk about concerts with.

    Anyway, hope to see you around the new Peet’s, wherever that may be…


    Olivia Kelly


  2. Paul says:

    Just a quick note to say thanks for your post. You perfectly captured my sentiment. I feel irrational sadness.


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