TV Surf Report: Hollywood Is Star Struck By Actors Who Produce


Santa Monica, CA — Actors continue to use their clout and set up projects at the networks and streaming services.  The list grows daily, so keep checking in!

(Updated 11 November 2016)



jim-parsons    tina-fey   AMY POEHLER AWARD    SETH ROGEN

  • Elizabeth Banks sold Something to Celebrate, a family comedy to CBS.
  • Darren Criss is attached to star in and EP a musical workplace comedy, Royalties, about unsung heroes behind pop stars at FOX.
  • Octavia Spencer will star in and EP the limited series, On Her Own Ground, based on C.J. Walker’s biography about a woman born to slaves who creates a hair care product fortune.
  • Seth Rogen and producing partner Evan Goldberg have sold a Super Hero Sidekick comedy to Fox and an Illuminati comedy to ABC.
  • Robert DeNiro, Julianne Moore and David O. Russell have sold a series to Amazon with Russell writing and directing the untitled serialized drama.
  • Sofia Vergara has sold The Classic,  a multicultural family football drama to ABC, which is inspired by an upcoming documentary about a legendary high school football rivalry.  Todd Kessler scripts.
  • Amy Poehler and Claudia Lonow won a script commitment from ABC for Family Style, a gay Odd Couple set in Miami.  Poehler also sold a comedy to ABC to star Carol Burnett as well as a production commitment at NBC for The Baby, a comedy to star Seann William Scott.
  • Jim Parsons has been very busy.  Television’s highest paid actor will EP a spinoff of The Big Bang Theory centering on a younger version of his character.  Parsons also won a put pilot from ABC for Lakeside VA, a comedy set in a Veteran’s hospital written by Shelly Goss, who EPs a story based on her father’s life.  He’s also sold an adaptation of The Terranauts, a drama project set up at The CW.
  • Kerry Washington sold a blended family comedy to ABC, called Melting Potts, written by Ryan Jaffe.
  • Tina Fey and producing partner Robert Carlock have sold a comedy to NBC receiving a put pilot commitment for The Sackett Sisters, written by Luke Del Tredici (30 Rock)
  • Lisa Kudrow has set up Rebel Law, a legal drama at CBS with producing partner Dan Bucatinsky, writer Kit Williamson (EastEnders) and Michael Rauch (Royal Pains).  Gay Prodigal Son returns to Mississippi to practice law.
  • Viola Davis and Marshall Todd have set up The Zipcoders at ABC.  Period half-hour musical set in ’60s Austin, TX.
  • Kevin James and Adam Barr have sold a comedy to CBS as a showpiece for comedian Gina Brillon, a Latina moving to Manhattan from the Bronx.
  • LL Cool J has sold Brotherhood, a comedy, to CBS. Project is a US re-make of the British series.  Michael Borkow scripts.
  • Dwayne Johnson and Will Ferrell sold a wrestling comedy to Fox.
  • Jessica Alba sold an AI drama thriller at Fox.
  • Will Arnett is producing a revival of The Gong Show for ABC.
  • Felicity Huffman sold a political family comedy to ABC. (Kenya Barris & Vijal Patel produce).
  • Seth Meyers has sold multiple comedy pitches to NBC.  Has-Beens!
  • Priscilla Presley (and Harvey Weinstein) continues to mine the Elvis estate with a new limited series based on the legendary singer’s life.  No network yet.
  • Katie Couric has a put pilot commitment from CBS for a hate crimes drama (also produced by Alex Kurtzman & Jenny Lumet).
  • Leah Remini is producing a series based on her life as a Scientologist for A&E.
  • Megyn Kelly is producing Embeds at Verizon’s Go90.  Political Comedy series.
  • Josh Gad (along with Josh Schwartz & Seth Gordon) sold Toy Wars to Amazon. Limited drama series stars Gad in a period piece about the corporate war between Mattel and Hasbro.
  • John Stamos (along with Neil Meron & Craig Zadan) have set up a 1980s soap drama with Universal TV.  No network attached yet but expect it to land at a NBC/Universal company.  USA seems a likely destination for this Boogie Nights-esque series.
  • Fred Savage has a mixed race family comedy at NBC.
  • Lebron James has a sports-medicine drama at NBC.  King James also sold a Cleveland-set family comedy with Bill Lawrence (Scrubs).  At CBS, James has set up a sports agency comedy, Thankless, written by Craig Gerard and Matt Zinman (How I Met Your Mother)
  • le-bron-james
  • Novak Djokovic has a reality show at Amazon.
  • Jessica Biel sold The Sinner, a crime drama, at USA.  Bill Pullman also stars.
  • Melissa McCarthy has set up an unconventional family comedy at Fox. Groundlings  Jim Cashman and Mitch Silpa script.
  • Zayn Malik produces a Boy Band drama at NBC with Dick Wolf.
  • Kerry Washington is working on Patrol, a female LAPD police drama at ABC.
  • Judge Judy has a sold a series to CBS based on her life.
  • Zach Braff is producing and starring in Start Up, a comedy at ABC.
  • Kyra Sedgwick produces Ten Days in the Valley at ABC, replacing Demi Moore in the crime procedural.
  • Bradley Cooper is developing a miniseries about ISIS at HBO.


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Family. Familia. Lotsa of Family Dramas and Comedies in the Development Pipeline.

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