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TV Surf Report: Pilot Season – The Good. The Bad. The Creatively Challenged, aka, The Ugly.

Santa Monica, CA — Seems the networks and streaming services are not quite done with Super Heroes, are sticking with struggling new series longer, and are ordering more and more pilots with some sort of built-in marketability (i.e., re-makes or spin-offs). FX … Continue reading

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TV Surf Report: 2016 Is The Year Super Heroes Stake Their Claim As Entertainment Overlords

   Santa Monica, CA —  (Updated 07 April 2016) Resistance is Futile, Viewers.  Kneel before Comic Book Adaptations and Super Hero Television.  Their Time is Now…or, at least for the next 5+ years until their powers fail due to audience ennui. In … Continue reading

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Film Surf Report: Franchise Fatigue? Get Over It, Audiences! Hollywood’s Got More On The Way

   Santa Monica, CA — Whether audiences are tired of all these Sequels, Super Heroes or Continuations of Franchises, Hollywood’s got more on the way.  Think of it as:  Sequels Or Bust! For the rest of 2015,  we’ve still got … Continue reading

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Film Surf Report: Summer Sequel & Super Hero Fatigue Sets In…Amy Schumer & Ian McKellen To The Rescue!

   Santa Monica, CA — While I’ve enjoyed Fast & Furious 7, Mad Max: Fury Road and Pitch Perfect 2, and Avengers: Age of Ultron and Jurassic World, Terminator: Genesys and those darn Minions, a generalized cinematic fatigue is setting in, and … Continue reading

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TV Surf Report: Heroic & Fantastical Television On The Horizon

      Santa Monica, CA — As Avengers: Age of Ultron pummels the domestic and international box office (“Hulk: Smash!”), Hollywood television executives are pondering which pilots to order to series. Don’t think for a moment that they won’t be … Continue reading

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